DTR token price: USD (-100.00 %)

Tokens.net Biggest destruction event

Special anniversary event was announced on April 27, 2019. On May 27, 2019 extraordinary event took place, burning 1,125 billion DTR, reducing total token supply by 30%. »The aforementioned portion of DTR issuance was reserved for future development and various business expenses.« As tokens were already in Tokens ownership no buyback was expected, or direct impact on DTR token price.

Value of the remaining DTR for stakeholders increased indirectly, with narrowed supply, excluding future token liquidation to fund operations and downward price pressure. Tokens.net secured enough capital from Initial coin offering (ICO), Quantum project (QAU) merger and Over the counter (OTC) token sales. Destruction event at DTR market price above 0.016 USD equals in the whitepaper predicted first year earnings 18 million USD.

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