is a secure and reliable crypto asset exchange platform (with public release on July 31, 2018, ending extensive beta testing period).

It is a next generation trading platform for digital, tokenized assets like bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) and ripple (XRP). As trading volume is moving away from traditional fiat/crypto it supports crypto/crypto trading only, with fiat-backed tether (USDT) and stasis (EURS). is a transparent blockchain exchange. Dynamic trading rights (DTR) native tokens are used for every trade on the platform. Exchange volume is therefore auditable on the blockchain, public ledger system and investors can depend on information such as market share.

According to whitepaper the plan is to list a wide range of tokens and add asset tokens that may evolve in the future. With asset tokenisation it may become a marketplace not just for intangible financial assets like money, contracts and securities but also tangible like real estate, land.

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